Esther Donatz Gallery was launched in early 2012 as a successor to the private project space E324 | Raum für Kunst. E324 had been founded in December 2009 as a direct reaction to the financial crisis which resulted in an immediate reduction of public funds for contemporary art and other art forms. During its lifetime 15 exhibitions featuring national and international artists were presented there. The transition from an off-space that had offered greater freedom for artistic attempts outside of the mainstream art market to a professional gallery did not have an impact on the pleasure to experiment at all.   

Esther Donatz’s credo still is „dare art“. Frequent transformations of the exhibition space as well as extensive installations become manifestations of an artistic concept that is reflected in different media. Esther Donatz considers the gallery a place where art can be shown outside of commercial parameters, as it is the case with conceptual works, large-size formats and performances. Art as a thought-provoking impulse is an essential element within democratic structures.  

Apart from painting, the artists represented by Esther Donatz Gallery work multi-media based, thereby combining various media such as video and photography with objects, installations, and performances. In addition to the exhibition activities, the gallery organizes lectures and artist talks and invites guest curators to conceptualize shows. The external view on contemporary art contributes to an innovative and diverse program.

Esther Donatz Gallery has been a member of the Association of Munich Galleries of Contemporary Art (Initiative Münchner Galerien zeitgenössischer Kunst) since 2012. The gallery is located in the art district (Kunstareal) close to some of the most famous Bavarian state and municipal museums, such as Pinakothek der Moderne, Lenbachhaus, and Museum Brandhorst. It has become an active part of the local network that includes institutions like Kunstverein Munich and different galleries.